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"I have never worked with a contractor who was more professional, timely, able, and perfect in his abilities to do more than he promised. In this day and age when you can hardly rely on anyone, Raul is from the old school. my house looks beautiful. I would hire him again in a minute and refer him to anyone. Thank you Raul and your great team."
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"Raul and his team did an amazing job. They removed the shutters, power washed the entire house, primed and painted, then put the shutters back on. The house looks brand new. Reasonable prices, friendly, and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get some painting done."
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"It was a full two-day job for several people. Raul's employees were courteous, diligent and, most important, extremely competent. Everything was accomplished in the projected time frame, and no plants were harmed in the process--they were wrapped and protected even though the shrubbery was in the way."

Power Washer Near West Mount Vernon

Top Reason to Invest in Power Washing Services Near Me in Westchester County, NY

Hudson Pro Contracting is a full-service contractor that has been providing premium-quality home remodeling services in Westchester County for more than 20 years. Renovations, painting, and carpentry aren’t all we do; we’re also high-pressure cleaning wizards. If the exterior surfaces of your West Mount Vernon, NY home are stained and discolored and you’re looking for pressure washing services near me, don’t bother with the rest; contact the best! The highly experienced and professionally trained power washer at Hudson Pro Contracting can instantly restore virtually any exterior surface and dramatically increase your curb appeal.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Westchester County Power Washer

Is your concrete patio looking dingy? Is your siding covered with mildew and caked-on dirt? Are there patches of moss growing on your roof? Are you considering deck power washing to prep the structure ready for a new coat of paint?

Whatever your particular situation may be, you might be thinking about doing your own pressure washing. While you can certainly purchase or rent a power washer and do the job yourself, before you head out to the home improvement store, you might want to consider the following benefits of hiring a professional and then look for reputable power washing services near me.

Safety First

At first glance, power washing might look pretty simple, but in reality, it’s a lot more complicated than it seems. Unless you have ample experience and you know exactly what you’re doing, DIY pressure washing can be dangerous to both you and your property.

Pressure washers are quite powerful. It can be difficult to control the stream from smaller-scale machines; let alone more powerful models. A blast of high-pressure water on a body part could cause serious injuries. Lose control of the nozzle and you could potentially break windows. Apply too much pressure to your roof and you could loosen the shingles. Those are just a few of the examples of mishaps that could occur.

When you hire professional Westchester County power washer, you’ll have confidence knowing that you and your home will be out of harm’s way. Licensed and insured contractors are trained and experienced and know how to properly and safely handle a pressure washer. If anything does go awry – your property is damaged, for example – the contractor’s insurance will cover the cost of the damages.

Reduced Environmental Damage

Pressure washing, though extremely effective when used properly and on the appropriate surfaces, can be harmful and wasteful. Haphazard power washing can direct harmful toxins and pollutants into nearby water sources, damage the landscaping materials, and waste massive amounts of water.

A pressure washing expert will have the necessary knowledge and experience to properly handle this powerful tool. They’ll use high-end equipment and solutions, too. These factors combined make professional power washing a more environmentally-friendly choice than doing the job yourself.

Better Results

When it comes to pressure washing, one size does not fit all. Different surfaces and materials require different temperature and pressure settings. In other words, what works to clean your patio might not effectively clean your siding.

Professionals know exactly what type of pressure and what degree of temperature to use when they’re cleaning different surfaces and materials on the exterior of your West Mount Vernon, NY home. Instead of playing a guessing game, a pro will make the necessary adjustments before they begin spraying, which means that you’ll get much better results.


Pressure washing can be tricky, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can end up taking a lot of time. The last thing you probably want to do is spend your entire weekend soaking wet while you’re spraying a power washer.

By hiring a professional power washer who has been properly trained, has ample experience, and has the right tools and equipment, not only will you be able to save yourself a tremendous amount of time, but the job will also be completed a lot faster,

Less Frustration

Sure, spraying a powerful stream of water might seem like a great way to release aggravation, but the novelty wears off pretty quickly. Dragging around a power washer, make sure you aren’t tripping over long cords, constantly adjusting the pressure and temperature settings, adding new cleaning solutions, discovering that you damaged a surface that you sprayed; an amateur is bound to get frustrated with the job.

To avoid unnecessary aggravation, hire a professional power washer. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done the right way, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you won’t have to contend with a long list of potential struggles.


Like a lot of varLocatoinName, NY homeowners, saving money is probably the main reason why you’re considering doing your own power washing. On the contrary, DIY pressure washing can actually end up costing you a lot more than hiring a professional would.

You need to rent or buy a power washer and all of the additional equipment that’s needed to operate it. You’ll need to invest in a quality ladder and safety gear. You also have to consider the cost of the gas that’s needed to run the machine and the potential expenses that you may need to pay for if you accidentally damage your home or suffer an injury. Add everything up and hiring a professional power washer will actually save you a good bit of money in the long run.

Looking for Pressure Washing Near Me in Westchester County? Contact Hudson Pro Contracting!

Pressure washing is a lot more complicated than it seems, especially if you don’t have the right experience and equipment. If the exterior of your home could use a good cleaning, instead of doing it yourself, contact a professional power washer. At Hudson Pro Contracting, our professionally trained technicians have the knowledge, experience, and equipment you can count on to get the job done properly, safely, quickly, and cost-effectively.

For the best high-pressure cleaning solutions in West Mount Vernon, NY, contact us today! Call 914-490-1218 or submit our online contact form to learn more about our power washing services or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you and restoring the exterior of your home with our top-quality power washing services.