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Power Washer Near Bronxville Heights

Advantages of Professional Deck Power Washing for Your Bronxville Heights, NY Home

Hudson Pro Contracting is a leading full-service Westchester County home improvement contractor. Repairs, renovations, painting, and carpentry work aren’t the only things we do; we also specialize in deck power washing. Our professionally trained power washer can restore all types of decks quickly, affordably, and safely. If you’re located in the Bronxville Heights, NY area and you’re looking for pressure washing services near me, head directly to the best power washer in the region: Hudson Pro Contracting!

Benefits of Professional Deck Power Washing

A deck is a wonderful asset to your home. It’s a great space to enjoy gathering with friends, dining outdoors with family, or just relaxing on a beautiful day. While a deck can certainly maximize the time you spend outside, there’s one downside: over time, the structure can become dirty and dingy.

Constant exposure to the elements can do a real number on decking materials. Mold, mildew, stains, dirt, and debris can accumulate on the boards and handrails. Who wants to hang out on a dirty, dingy deck?

Properly and regularly cleaning your deck will help to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris so that you can continue enjoying all of the benefits this outdoor feature offers. Power washing is, hands down, the fastest and most effective way to clean a deck. However, before you head to the home improvement store and buy or rent one to do the job yourself, look at some of the benefits of professional deck power washing and then look around for power washing services near me that are offered by a reputable contractor.

Increased Safety

A lot of property owners who consider doing DIY power washing don’t realize the safety hazards that are associated with the job. Sure, you can watch tutorials, read the instructions that come with the machine, and try your best to adhere to all of the safety precautions, but that might not be enough to keep you and anyone who may be around you protected.

As the name suggests, a power washer is a powerful machine. If it isn’t used properly or if you get distracted for even just a split second and you could sustain some pretty serious injuries. Depending on the type of machine and nozzle being used, the spray can come as high as 4,000 psi; that’s extremely powerful! If a blast of water that powerfully hits your skin or sprays in your eye, you could be looking at some severe damage. Even on the lowest settings, there’s a potential for serious injuries.

To avoid the risk of harming yourself and others, leave the job to an experienced professional. A reputable power washer will have the necessary training and skills and will use the proper safety equipment to prevent injuries.

Less Risk of Damage

Just like a power washer can injury a person, it can also damage your property. While it’s true that the powerful spray that the machine generates is what enables it to remove caked-on dirt, debris, and even old paint and stain from your deck if it isn’t used properly, it could cause some pretty significant damage.

If you set the pressure too high, you could damage the decking materials. If you lose control of the nozzle and spray another part of your house or landscaping materials, you could damage them, too. Someone who has ample knowledge and can properly operate a pressure washer will know what settings and techniques to use to ensure your deck is properly – and safely – cleaned.

Better Results

Whether you’re power washing your deck to clean it or to remove old stain or paint to prep it for a new coat, you want to get the best results possible. When you do the job yourself, you’ll probably do a decent job, but decent isn’t best.

If you want to be sure that all of the dirt, grime, mildew, or paint is removed from every service, then hiring a professional is definitely the way to go. A contractor that has years of experience and who has been properly trained will know how to properly use the machine, will use the best cleaning solutions, and will pay attention to every detail to ensure the highest quality results.


Say you’re doing the power washing on your own and you damage your deck or another part of your house, or worse, you lose control of the nozzle and you suffer an injury? You’ll end up having to cover the cost of any damages or medical care that may be needed.

A reputable professional will be fully insured, and their insurance will protect you from having to pay for unforeseen circumstances. For instance, if they make a mistake and damage your property, their insurance would cover the cost; not yours. This can save you from having to pay out high deductibles and even higher premiums down the line.

Less Stress

If you don’t know what you’re doing, power washing can be pretty stressful. You have to worry about lugging around the heavy machine, changing the nozzles, adjusting the settings, making sure you’re taking the necessary precautions, and so on. Add to that the fact that you have to move off any furniture before you get started and properly prep the area. All of these factors combined can be stressful.

By having a professional do the power washing for you, you can avoid unnecessary stress. You can sit back, relax, and let the pros do the work for you.

Looking for Pressure Washing Near Me in Westchester County, NY?

If you want to take advantage of all of the above-mentioned benefits (and more) that hiring a professional power washer to clean your deck can offer, contact Hudson Pro Contracting. In the more than 20 years that we have been in business, we have successfully cleaned countless decks in the Bronxville Heights, NY area. For the best, most affordable, and fastest deck power washing in the area, get in touch with us today! For a free price quote, call 914-490-1218 or visit us online and submit our contact form.

For the best high-pressure cleaning solutions in Westchester County, look no further than Hudson Pro Contracting.